About Us


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

Our Story

Our founders are Master Herbalists, Healers, and Clinicians.  They bring over 30 years of plant and healing knowledge to the table.  Out of Chinese Medicine school, they opened an Acupuncture clinic.

While working at their Community Acupuncture Clinic, patients began asking them for a reliable source of CBD, and so their great journey began.  Out of this they founded Three Core Truths that have been their guiding principles.

Our three core truths are: We love the Planet, Plants, and People! We want to be present in the world and make a positive change.  We want to see our Planet restored to balance, our Plants thriving with clean air and water, and People empowered through health and wellness.  Will you join us on this journey?


Our Farming Practices

No Till Farming

This practice allows us increase water infiltration into the soil, retain organic matter, and nutrients

Regenerative FArming

Helping the earth heal and giving us the highest quality Organically grown hemp.

USDA Organically Grown

We cultivate sun-grown USDA certified organic hemp flowers, in the USA.

Wildlife Preservation

No use of pesticides or chemicals leaves natural habitat for animals and insects.

Core Value 1°: Plants

We asked ourselves, as healers and herbalists, how could we use our knowledge and skills to help transform the world based on our core values? Hemp was the answer.  We strongly believe that hemp is one of the plants that has the power to positively impact our lives and our planet.  

Plants are an essential part of our lives.  We use them in our practice and in our lives for every ailment we have.  They have truly transformed our lives on so many levels and we hope that you can begin to experience some of this healing plant goodness as well. 


Core Value 2º: Planet

Most people agree that our planet is in trouble.  Between Climate Change and pollution, the globe is becoming less hospitable to life. Hemp can help change this paradigm. This extraordinary plant is fast growing, produces lots of oxygen, and sequesters carbon.  How? Hemp is a renewable resource in every sense of the word.  It can be used for textiles, paper, animal feed, food for people (hemp seed), rope, building materials (hempcrete), and it can even be used to make biodegradable plastics. 

Since we only use the finest hemp flower to make our CBD Oil, the rest of the plant is used for these other purposes.  Hemp can change the nature of how we coexist on the planet.  Please support the use of Hemp to change the world and try our dietary supplement to help you feel better.


Core Value 3º: People

People in modern times are overworked and stressed.  As a species we have lost our connection to our environment and have lost our connection to ourselves and each other.  We have an intrinsic need for nourishment, relaxation, and connection.

The Endocannabonoid system (ECS) helps the body adapt to stress in a positive way.  Some people have even called CBD the “great adaptogen”.  Adaptogens are herbs that help the body adapt to stress in a healthy manner.  This alone can help with the relaxation necessary to deal with the stress provided by modern life.

Let’s be honest, CBD can’t directly help you feel more connection to the planet or other people.  However, it can help you feel healthier and less stressed.  This does, allow for the exploration of connection and creativity.   Re-member connection!