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We only offer the cleanest, highest quality CBD on the market.  All of our batches have been tested for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mold, bacteria, and potency.  We believe this is very important when choosing a high quality CBD.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that all of our products are made from USDA organically grown Hemp and are Kosher Certified.  As one of the only companies in the industry run by master herbalists, we have expert knowledge that has helped us provide you with the best quality product that you know you can count on.

Information About Our Test Results


All of our CBD products are tested with ProVerde Labs which has been accredited by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. and is one of the industry’s most reliable for testing cannabis (marijuana and hemp).  Like us, Proverde Labs has a strong commitment to environmental awareness.  They utilize an environmentally friendly, green approach for all of their testing.  Their analytical testing generates 100 to 500 times less hazardous waste relative to conventional analytical methodologies.

Good for the planet, good for people, and good for plants!

• BATCH 1938-2, 1938-3, 1938-4-COA: (April 23, 2019-October 23, 2020)

• BATCH 1938-3, 1938-4-POTENCY: (April 23, 2019-October 23, 2020)

• BATCH 1938, 1938-2-POTENCY: (April 23, 2019-October 23, 2020)

• BATCH 1963-2, 19619-3, 19619-4, 19619-5-COA: (July 29, 2019-January 29, 2021)

• BATCH 1963-2, 19619-5-POTENCY: (July 29, 2019-January 29, 2021)

• BATCH 10619-3, 19619-4-POTENCY: (July 29, 2019-January 29, 2021) 

• BATCH 191010, 191010-2-POTENCY: (November 07, 2019-May, 05, 2021)

• BATCH 191015-POTENCY: (November 07, 2019-May 05, 2021)

• BATCH 191011, 191011-2-POTENCY: (November 07, 2019-May 05, 2021)

• BATCH 191015, 191010, 1910102, 191011,19-COA: (November 07, 2019-May 05, 2021)



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